Wreck description

épave : le saumur - port vendres collioure
    • Cargo 108 m long and 13.5 m m midship
    • Torped by a British submarine during the 2nd World War, at 200m from l’Astrée. The stern is detached and lying on starboard.
    • The bottom is very muddy (be careful with the flipping).


  • The rest of the boat is standing upright on its keel.
  • Very heavily armed with machine guns, you can’t miss them.


42° 31′ 31″ North and 3° 08′ 01″ 01″ East
Depth: Bridges 33 m – bottom 44 m
Orientation: North – South. The bow to the north.
Accessible from level 2 supervised


  • Very rich in fish
  • Number anthias
  • Sardine Banks
  • Very many congresses inside and on bridges
  • Fat drumsars
  • Very high fixed fauna richness
  • High concentration of anemone-jewellery
  • The presence of Orange Gorgons indicates the silting up of the bottom.
Epave : le Saumur

Photo : Patrice Strazzera – “Sommeil des épaves”

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