Scuba Tank refill

Our center has an inflation station equipped with silent compressors, a Nitrox membrane, as well as an oxygen booster and helium allowing us to ensure the inflation of all types of mixtures up to 300 bars.

Air inflation is included in the price of recreational dives organized by the Port-Vendres Diving Activity Center

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Diving supplement Nx 32
Up to 12L 6€
15L 8€
Twin 2x8L to 2x10L 10€
Twin 2x12L 12€
External Dive Air Nx 32 Nx 40
Up to 12L 6€ 8€ 18€
15L 8€ 10€ 12€
Twin 2x8L à 2x10L 12€ 16€ 20€
300b Inflation +4€ +4€ +4€
Specialty gases Helium Oxygen
price per m3 70€ 30€
price per litre 0,07€ 0,03€
300b inflation 4€/Gonflage
Rentals Air Nx 40 Mixture
S80 N/A 8€ 6€ + coût gaz
7L Alu N/A 6€ 5€ + gases cost
Twin 2x12L 8€ N/A 8€ + gases cost
Station de gonflage
Rampe de gonflage
Plongée tek : nitrox, oxygène

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