Diving rebreather Triton Course

Why dive with a Rebreather?

The rebreather allows you to enter the world of silence, the real one. Closed circuit operation allows you to breathe warm, moist air (more pleasant than the relaxed cold air of a regulator) without creating bubbles. The carbon dioxide created by our metabolism during respiration is stored in a lime cartridge, and oxygen is renewed through an external source. The approach to fauna and flora has been completely modified, facilitating proximity and reducing nuisance.



The TRITON rebreather ® is a mechanical ventral rebreather developed by the company M3S, the only rebreather on the market to be of French design. It is the only mechanically managed rebreather to be approved in zone 0-100m (CE EN 14143:2013 standard)

Recycleur Triton

The rebreather also allows increased autonomy with an oxygen bottle of only 1.5L fixed under the machine, accompanied by a bottle of diluent serving as a backup bottle.

The versatile side of this recycler is that it is ventral, allowing a free choice of configuration, backmount (bottle in the back with a classic stab) or sidemount (bottle (s) fixed laterally with a specific harness.

Another advantage of the TRITON ® : its weight, only 12kg ready to dive, which makes it the lightest and most versatile machine possible.

C.A.P Port-Vendres has chosen the TRITON rebreather® for its practical, adaptable and safe side.

Join us in the real world of silence !

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Training is à la carte, please contact us to book your course

Air Deco Thinner Training - Duration 5 days (8 dives+theory)

240 / Day
  • Training Max. depth 40m
  • Gases, Lime included, Certification Card and triton rental excluded
  • Possibility of renting the machine: 50€/day for the duration of the training (limited number)
  • From Level 3 + Confirmed Nitrox

Air Deco Thinner Training - Duration 5 days (8 dives+theory)

250 / Day
  • Training Max. depth 60m
  • Required minimum 50h Air Deco Thinner on Triton
  • Gaz and lime included, certification fees excluded
Plongée recycleur sur épave

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