The Cerbère Marine Reserve – Banyuls guarantees superb dives!

Cerbère-Banyuls national marine reserve will help you discover an exceptional biodiversity protected since 1974. You will observe a rich and abundant fauna: groupers, barracudas, sars, sea bream, corbs. With a little luck, the dolphins will accompany the boat for a short friendly visit

Coraligen marine reserve
jellyfish - banyuls-cerbère marine reserve

We dive every day on the Marine Reserve

lobster: marine reserve banyuls-cerbère France
barracuda: marine reserve banyuls-cerbère France
Grouper: Banyuls - Cerberus marine reserve France
blennie banyuls-cerbère marine reserve france
coral marine reserve banyuls cerbère france
Corbs réserve marine banyuls cerbère
Congre et homard
Chromodoris ssp - nudibrachia marine reserve banyuls cerbère France
Chromodoris Willani - nudibrachia marine reserve banyuls cerbère France
Echinaster sepositus marine reserve banyuls cerbère France
Moray eel - banyuls cerbère marine reserve france
scorpion fish marine reserve banyuls cerbère france

Nature protection, 10 golden rules

Dive like your shadow… leave no trace! « I love the sea and I protect it. »

  1. Never get into the water by walking on reeds, aquatic plants, live corals.
  2. Be in control of your floatability.
  3. Keep away from corals and other animals, do not stir sediments.
  4. Check where you anchor if you dive from a boat.
  5. Do not disturb, touch or feed animals.
  6. Do not fish or buy corals and shellfish.
  7. Be very careful when diving in caves: bubbles and simple contact can destroy their delicate life.
  8. Keep dive sites clean.
  9. Learn to know underwater life, avoid any destruction.
  10. Encourage your fellow divers to follow these rules.

Source : FFESSM

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