Discover Scuba Diving in the Gulf of Lions Marine Natural Park

Enjoy Scuba diving without licensing and medical inspection requirements !

Discover from 8 years old scuba diving with an instructor.

Your instructor only takes one baptized at a time.

He is totally at your disposal to allow you to safely enjoy the fauna and beauty of the rocky bottoms.

First Dive is at a depth of 6m maximum.

Choose from our three options
First Dive, First Dive “Plus” and First Dive “Luxe”

discovery pack allows you to enjoy yourself with an instructor during 3 dives without any license or medical certficate

First Dive - Initiation

A first dive with the CAP Port-Vendres is an important moment; a moment of discovery, an initiation! You have nothing to do, your instructor takes care of everything!
He accompanies you and guides you at your own pace. Everyone is different, and your instructor will respect your apprehensions and concerns, you will be able to safely appropriate this incredible underwater world that will enchant you!

Call us to book your first dive

Phone:  +33(0)7 80 97 46 38

First Dive Options

First Dive

  • 20-minute dive
  • From 8 years old
  • No need for a medical certificate
  • Personal instructor for the duration of the dive
  • First dive consists in breathing for the first time underwater and discovering the pleasure of underwater exploration.

    You are reaching the suitable sites by boat

First Dive 'Plus'

  • 30-minute dive
  • From 12 years old
  • No need for a medical certificate
  • Personal instructor for the duration of the dive
  • First “Plus’ includes 10 additional minutes of exploration in order to enjoy diving even more.

    The first 5-10 minutes being a phase of adaptation to the equipment, you will enjoy 20-25 minutes of pure exploration with your instructor.

First Dive 'Luxe'

  • 40-minute dive
  • From 12 years old
  • No need for a medical certificate
  • Personal instructor for the duration of the dive
  • The First dive “Luxe” includes 20 minutes of additional exploration to fully enjoy your dive.

    The route taken is larger and allows a deeper discovery of the exploration site for a pure moment of discovery and wonder.

Discovery Pack

  • One first dive + two 40-45 minutes supervised dives
  • From 8 years old
  • La profondeur atteinte en début et en fin de stage dépend de l’âge du plongeur, merci de vous renseigner auprès de l’équipe du C.A.P pour plus d’informations.


  • From 7 years old
  • No need for a medical certificate

Children’s Dive At The Activity Center Diving Port-Vendres

First divers testimonials

A magical moment for the first dive of my children!
A welcome at the TOP with a smiling, competent and dynamic team. A great relationship with the children. The site is really beautiful and the outing is done by taking the time to appreciate each moment. A magical activity that my children keep talking about…we look forward to coming back for a family dive.
A big thank you to the whole team!

zcands, Tripadvisor

Magic! Magic!
An extra first dive. Passionate instructors, a good atmosphere on the boat, brand new premises and equipment, in short everything to have a great time. I recommend the eyes closed (remember to open them underwater, it’s beautiful)

Maxime, Tripadvisor

First dive with my children
The team is at the TOP, great professionalism, I had a great time with my two loulous, we can’t wait to come back. Thank you all and see you soon.

Swannie, Tripadvisor

Dedicated instructor to each first diver

Formation plongée

First dive a few minutes’ boating from the Diving Centre

Baptême de plongée - crique de la mauresque

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